How to Pick a Center

decision-makingChoosing care for your child is a big decision.  Here are some quick and easy steps to think about before you decide.

First is to decide between center-based care, at-home care, or in-home care.  They all have pluses and minuses.

  1. OFLC is a center-based school.  We are a small school with between 40 and 100 children.  Centers typically have the most resources, and the best systems in place for communication and curriculum. Teachers are constantly trained and supervised.
  2. At-home care is typically done with one or two people working out of their home.  This is usually a cheaper option, but it comes with some down-sides like less resources, and mixing of age groups which leads to inappropriate activities for either the older or younger children.
  3. In-home care is either a nanny or a babysitter.  This is a pricey but convenient option.  Although, they rarely go through background checks, have little training, and the children do not get the socializing that kids get from a group setting.

Hopefully you can see why we believe center-based care is truly the best of all worlds.  It does cost more, but you will find that if you want the best, it is going to be a center.  Picking a center is a challenge.  We recommend looking at the centers close to where you live, and figuring out the following:

  1. What amenities does the center offer?  Large playgrounds/gyms, art rooms, music rooms, etc. What is the curriculum like.  Ask to see what the planned curriculum is.
  2. Meet the teachers your child is going to be with on a daily basis.  Do they seem engaging as well as warm and nurturing?  This is extremely important.
  3. Lastly look at the facilities.  Are they clean and inviting?  Your child will be spending a good amount of time there, make sure it is living up to your standards.

If you focus on those three things, you will find a GREAT place for your child.  We really hope you tour OFLC because we know how well we measure up!