Security & Safety

SecureWhen you leave your children with us, we take their safety very seriously. We implement several steps to ensure your child’s safety:

  1. All exterior doors are keypadded so that only people with the code can enter the building.  In some of our newer buildings, a fingerprint is required.  And in some buildings both a combination as well as the biometric fingerprint is required to enter the classroom.
  2. We do fire drills once a month so that your child knows where to go in an emergency.  We drill until all persons can be out of the building within 120 seconds.
  3. We have the fire department visit monthly to conduct fire inspections as well as check life safety equipment.
  4. We conduct safety drills for intruders.  Although this has never happened at our centers, we must be prepared.  After the events in Newtown, CT in 2012 we re-evaluated our safety procedures along with the local police departments to consider all scenarios.  We now conduct lock-down drills on a bi-monthly basis to ensure staff and children know what to do in an emergency.
  5. Cameras are placed in strategic places to further ensure the safety of the children.
  6. Pickup and dropoff is maintained with the use of a sign-in clipboard so each teacher knows who is in the classroom.

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