Student Literacy Assessments

CPEL Assessment PhotoAt OFLC, after keeping your child safe and happy, preparing them for their academic careers is our biggest goal.  If your child enters kindergarten or first grade at the top of his or her class, it is much easier for them to remain there for the rest of their primary schooling.

We prepare your child socially, emotionally, and academically to excel in these critical years.  To ensure that we as a school, and your child are on target, we use two benchmarking literacy tests in the preschool years.  This informs you as the parent how your child is doing, and gives you real data that you can use.

This allows us to take note of any child that may be in need of some extra help, and we can help facilitate getting them the extra attention they may need early, to prevent any longer term issues.  These literacy assessments are completely optional, and they are not used for anything other than a confidential tool for you and your teachers to help better assess the needs your child may have.

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