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Pre-Kindergarten Program – Allston, Brighton &


Our Pre-Kindergarten Program Can Help Make The Transition To Elementary School A Piece Of Cake!

4614015_mOur Future Learning Center – Pre-Kindergarten Program: Are you worried about your child’s transition to kindergarten or elementary school? It can be a very intimidating process for both you and your child as he or she learns to cope with being away from home for a few hours each day, and you adjust to not having them following you around the house all day long.

At Our Future Learning Center, our pre-kindergarten program can make that transition to elementary school a piece of cake! Our professional and friendly teachers are experts in early childhood education, and we focus on making our daycare center and preschool a happy place where children can play, grow, and find joy in learning. We serve healthy snacks for breakfast and lunch and our teachers truly care about making a difference in each child’s life.

We don’t just offer daycare services—we also have learning programs that have been developed especially for children ages 0 to 5 and can be adjusted depending on your child’s unique, individual needs and learning style. Our pre-kindergarten programs include everything from reading, math, science, and social studies to music, gymnastics, dancing, drama, and arts & crafts. We promise to do all we can to make sure your child is comfortable and happy as soon as he or she comes through our front door. As part of our pre-kindergarten program we even celebrate each child’s birthday and let them know how much they mean to us at Our Future Learning Center.

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