Infant Program

Our Infant childcare program is the best care possible for our youngest and most important OFLC children. We work extra hard and they get lots of love and attention.

When the children are youngest, we are on their schedule.  Feedings, naps, and playtime are driven by the child’s needs.  Over time, they typically fall in to more of a schedule, and by the time they are heading off to our young toddler groups, they will likely be on more of a typical napping and eating schedule.

We have two staff members watching over just seven children. This is our highest staffing ratio to make sure there is always someone nearby for diapers, feedings, hugs, giggles and play.

They do art projects all the time, you will get home lots of little keepsakes and art projects

Our teachers and staff in these rooms are the absolute best. Schedule a tour and come see why we are the absolute best infant program