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Our Goal is Happy, Confident, and Enthusiastic Children

The best childcare center is that which is aimed at the complete well-being of the child.

At Our Future Learning Brighton Commonwealth center, we do more than just supervise and protect the children in our care. We work to educate, enhance, and support their physical and emotional health while preparing them for a successful academic future.

The role of educator is not one that we take lightly as we understand that a child who excels at their activities in preschool is far better prepared to continue those levels of positive achievement upon entering Kindergarten and the first grade.

It’s the educational experience that a child gains from their time in day care that can be an invaluable framework for academic excellence throughout their schooling.

Why Choose Our Future Learning Brighton Childcare Center?

Here at Our Future Learning, we dedicate ourselves to building that framework through our range of age-appropriate educational programs designed to provide a road map of progressive learning.

The programs at our Brighton, MA location offer children give them the opportunities for learning by way of using their natural proclivities for curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

But while your child is getting an education that will better prepare them for the future, they are also receiving a level of care that promotes individuality in a grouped classroom environment overseen by some of the best child development experts in the country.

Parents who are seeking the right daycare center want a place that will cultivate the child’s natural curiosity for knowledge while feeding that child’s self-esteem and confidence in order to make him or her an intelligent and well-adjusted individual with a distinct personality.

Our programs are designed to foster all of these attributes in children of age groups from infancy to Kindergarten. These courses are carefully created to help them gain the capabilities they need to become proficient in reading and writing, mathematics, science, and language. Teaching children in a group setting also helps to increase their verbal and social skills by way of consistent interaction with one another.

The goal at our Brighton daycare center is to produce intelligent, physically and emotionally mature, well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the challenges to come from grade school through high school.

Enrolling a Child at Our Future Learning Brighton, MA

Each child who is enrolled in our programs will be placed in the age group that best suits their maturity and skill level.

This is done for the purposes of providing the highest-quality care and safety during their time with us, but more importantly, carefully considered placement ensures that the child is given every opportunity to rise to their potential alongside his or her peers.

Our teachers and administrators work with parents to determine the program that the child’s age range so we may offer them a learning environment that promotes exploration and curiosity in a group setting where learning can be done through close-knit camaraderie.

Our Infant Services

Classrooms provided for the development of infants up to 15 months of age take safety very seriously. The youngest of the children are given their own space separate from older infants where they can investigate and explore their surroundings in a warm and familiar environment.

Our caregivers encourage playtime through tactile discovery and sensory development. Mobility is also a critical facet of the services we provide for the care of infants. Children are given ample room
to move where they wish, under strict supervision within their restricted area.

We feel this freedom of movement is an excellent method for stimulating each child’s natural instincts and tendencies towards mobility. When they are ready, infants are given additional encouragement to take the next steps toward learning how to walk.

Playtime is another essential aspect of our infant services as our classrooms contain a wide array of stimulating toys, puzzles, and recreational areas where infants can explore and investigate their surroundings. They will encounter dazzling colors, curious textures, and our teachers spend quality time helping them learn and discover.

The youngest infants in the program are given nap time twice a day, infants who are older are given more playtime and one nap per day.

We have designed our infant services to lay the groundwork for the later programs to come as we prepare children to move from one to the next, each one emphasizing specific facets of the child’s education and individual growth.

This is all done with a focus on the future to help them make the transition from childcare to Kindergarten and giving them the confidence to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

At OFL, these are the ways that we work towards supporting each child as he or she begins his academic journey:

The Importance of Play

It’s critical that we give children the foundation to become good learners but we must never lose sight of the fact that these are still children. Their instinct is to play and through play, they also learn. The two go hand-in-and with one another which is why we provide our children with two indoor gyms where they have the freedom to play by themselves or with their peers in a group setting.

There are two designated sessions for playtime afforded to the children each day.

Program Activities

Here at our Brighton childcare center we find that children who are given positive, continued stimulation are going to learn more effectively. With that in mind, we have created a variety of programs that give children a range of exciting and challenging age-appropriate educational activities in which they can participate.

But we also find that children will only learn if and when they wish to do so. That’s why we give every child the freedom to only participate in those activities that interest them and opt out of those that do not.

The children in the toddler program are provided with the stepping stones for building their motor skills and sparking their imagination through art projects and tactile sensory exercises. Among the most popular is finger painting. Children are also taught to broaden their vocabularies for communicating more effectively with those around them.

The curriculum of the preschool program picks up from where the toddler program left off with respect to communication while introducing the fundamentals of reading, mathematics, and social studies. Here is where the children are also taught a foreign language as our instructors offer sessions where we speak simple Russian together.

Preschool is perhaps the most critical stage of learning development, so this program emphasizes greater one-on-one interaction between the children and teachers.

Literacy tests are also administered at this stage of the progressive learning process to help our staff work with parents to ensure that each child is on pace for where they need to be academically. These literacy assessments are not mandatory but we find they are invaluable in preparing the child for the next phase of their development.

Our Pre-K curriculum is built around the need for children to become mentally and emotionally capable to make the leap from the less rigidly structured daycare environment into the Kindergarten classroom where they will be separated from parents for longer periods of time.

It is in this program where children make the biggest strides in all of the major topics to which they have been introduced.
These include advanced reading, writing, mathematics as well as hands-on participation in a science lab setting for one hour a day, three days a week.


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