Marlborough STEM Preschool Lab

In 2017 OFLC Marlborough opened a stunning new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) lab for our preschool-aged children.  It was a revolutionary change from the standard daycare experience.  While most children in daycare/preschool spend a great deal of time in just one classroom, we now ensure the children get out the classroom and in to engaging curriculum spaces that really get children thinking.

Our Science Lab offers a whole world for young minds to explore!  It contains numerous biological systems for the children to learn about all sorts of animals. There is a 400 gallon salt-water touch tank with child-safe critters for the children to touch, watch and interact with.  Here they can explore the life of our oceans and start to learn about the water cycle and marine life.

We also have a 10 foot aquaponics table which starts to show children the interconnected nature of species.  Freshwater fish are below the surface of the table producing nitrogenous waste products while up on top plant life filters those wastes from the water and the children can watch all sorts of herbs and vegetables exploding above.  This symbiotic exchange helps instill in children early on the importance of caring for all creatures.

OFLC wanted to make science fun and inspiring for the children, so even if they may not necessarily understand it, the gears are starting to turn and a strong curiosity develops that will propel them as they start their young academic lives.  The lab also has lots of interactive physics demonstrations and manipulatives, and a host of other science-based activities.

Beyond just great material, we also invest in our amazing teaching staff ensuring the children get the most out of these wonderful resources.  Our Science Lab is staffed by a dedicated teacher who is passionate about science and imparting her energy and enthusiasm to the children.  She has full creative and educational control with her own budget to run wild with and does a spectacular job of making children excited to “Come to the lab!”

Come check out all that OFLC Marlboro has to offer by scheduling a tour of our school, we promise you it isn’t like any other place your child could spend the day!