OFLC Solar Panels

Solar Marlborough 515
OFLC tries very hard to minimize our carbon footprint, and inspire our children to consider energy and conservation in the choices we make. OFLC Marlborough has over 180 panels that offset the majority of our electric usage while at the same time we can use the panels as teaching elements in the classroom. Over the past two years we have helped save 70,439lbs of CO2 from going in to the atmosphere by utilizing solar energy. We also converted all of our lights to LED’s and are starting to roll out heat pumps to replace our fossil fuel HVAC systems. The Solar panels also help to deflect solar heat in the summer time which decreases our need to run the air conditioners. We will not compromise the safety and comfort of the little people in our care, but working to reduce our energy usage and generate fossil free energy is good for everyone! We worked with a local Marlborough small business contractor BrightStar Solar to install both buildings and we highly recommend them.
Marlborough 497 Northboro Rd

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