Tuition and Discounts Information

headTuitionTuition is slightly different between schools, so contact us for the latest rates.  We do understand that childcare is expensive, which is why we continually monitor our competitors tuition to make sure we are always reasonably priced.  However, keep in mind that in order for your child to have access to the best teachers, top materials/resources throughout the day, and a fun environment, the cost is a substantial expense.

We try our best to work with families to make sure that all children have access to the amazing experience that OFLC offers.  In some of our locations we do accept state vouchers on a limited basis.  We also offer sibling discounts of between 7 and 15%.

We are working with some employers to get group rates for their employees.  Check with your center director to see if your company participates.  If your company doesn’t yet do this, you can give your HR director our contact information and we may be able to set one up.

Sometimes we do not have space in one classroom for 5 days a week.  Therefore, we give a 15% discount for classroom flexibility.  An example:  Suppose a child enrolls to come 5 days a week, but we only have Mon, Wed, and Fri available in one room, and Tues/Thurs in a different room.  If you choose to take this space, you receive a $10/day discount on those days not in your primary room.

Please let us give you a call if you’d like more details or fill out the form below.