Preschool Program

Preschool Program – Allston, Brighton & Marlborough

Our Amazing Preschool Program Offers A Wide Range Of Fun & Educational Activities For Your Kids!

10551161_mOur Future Learning Center – Preschool Program: Preschool is a very important stepping stone in a child’s life. It’s a time when they begin to learn that, while the world doesn’t revolve around them and they need to share and get along with others, they are also a very unique individual who is loved and can make a difference in the world. That’s why, at Our Future Learning Center, we have developed an educational preschool program that will help your child develop an “I am; I can!” attitude.

Our unique combination of play and academic learning can’t be found anywhere else. Some of our preschool program activities involve one-on-one interaction between a child and teacher, while others include small groups of children learning, sharing and playing together. At Our Future Learning Center, we’ll help your preschool-aged child increase his or her self-esteem and sense of individuality. In our preschool programs, each of our kids’ activities can be tailored specifically to your child’s needs and learning style. Our preschool programs teach everything from music and dance to reading and math. We even offer a small group Russian class!

We truly care about each child who enters our school and want to do our best to help him or her succeed and reach their maximum potential. We can help children recognize and develop talents and get a head start on education in subjects such as math, reading, social studies, music, and more before they head off to elementary school.

Contact us today at one of our locations in Brighton, Allston, or Marlborough, Massachusetts for more information about our amazing preschool program. We truly  can and will make a difference in your child’s life!

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