Toddler Program

Toddler Program – Allston, Brighton & Marlborough

Our Toddler Program & Daycare/Preschool Group Provides Both Education & Fun!

49c8c43c_smush_FERRAZ_10-06-2011-7905-300x199Our Future Learning Center – Toddler Program: At Our Future Learning Center, we are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in young children’s lives.

Our toddler program is so much fun! These children are no longer babies—they’re “big kids” and deserve to be treated as special, unique individuals. Our Toddler programs can help your young toddler transition into a more sophisticated learning environment, from improving their vocabulary and motor skills to unleashing their imagination with art projects, pretend play, peg boards, drawing, building with blocks, playing with toy cars, and sensory skill activities (bring out the play-doh and shaving cream!)  We also bring them into the gym twice a day to start flexing those muscles-toddlers love to use their new-found mobility.

And that’s only the beginning of the adventures your child will have with our toddler programs at Our Future Learning Center!

We also work on social skills, teaching your child to share and get along with others. We can help them find healthy outlets for their anger, frustration, and pent-up energy. As part of our toddler program we’ll even send you a daily report summarizing your toddler’s strengths, achievements, and things we can work on together.

So if you’re looking for a great way to prepare your child for kindergarten and elementary school, please contact us or stop by one of our three convenient locations today in Allston, Brighton, or Marlborough, Massachusetts. We’d love to meet you and your child and help you discover all the advantages of our toddler program!