Enroll Your Child!



If you are ready to enroll your child at Our Future Learning Center, here is how you get the process started:

1.  First, fill out this form.  This is the account set up page.  You only need to fill out the account set up page once.

2.  Afterwards fill out the supplemental form for each child!  Complete one supplemental form for each child.  Once you submit the form, the page will refresh and allow you to fill it out again for the next child.

3.  We will need a copy of your child’s latest physical and immunizations.

4.  Bring a copy of a voided check with you for payment.  We use an automated billing system that emails you account statement and automatically deducts from a checking account.

We then suggest you visit for a day or two prior to starting with your child so they can acclimate with you.  We will also review all of the paperwork you submitted online and have you sign it in person.